Opus 4 Music: Excerpt from "Blue Drag" ... Jazz Gitan Américain


"A Rolls-Royce room"

   ... Jack Strayer, former chief engineer A & M Studios

"I can't tell you enough how great it felt when your group

started playing “Summertime” out of my mediocre

computer speakers. It felt like I have live musicians

right in my house.”

   …. David Sarser (1921 - 2013)

(NBC Symphony 1st violinist with Arturo Toscanini. He

designed and built the Maestro’s personal  audio system.

David was a brilliant engineer and studio designer.)

"Thank you for your wonderful studio"

   ... Carolyn Canfield, violinist, Vancouver Symphony

"This is the best I have ever sounded"

   ... Chieko Kikuchi, pianist, MTNA winner

"Your work is fantastic"

   ... Jeannette Postnikoff, Kenmore, WA

"... a lovely facility. I wish you were down here in LA."

   ... Stephen Anderson, Engineer, Los Angeles, CA

"Your passion for your work is obvious, and I really appreciate your graciousness in sharing so much of your time. The studio design and specialized equipment are incredible, and it was especially fun for me to see how much technology has changed things in the audio/video field since I worked at Kaye-Smith (later called Bad Animals)! We live in an incredible age!"

   ... Donna Clausen

"Boy! If I had one of those studios I would never get anything else done! It is a lot of fun. The sound we get at your studio is outstanding. It was a pleasure working with you and I love your piano! I hope to do more in the future."

   ... Denice Dameron, Pianist

"I must tell you how amazed I was at your studio. I had heard that you were a cellist who did recording. I expected someone who had a recorder and several microphones set up in his living room. When I visited your studio I felt like the person in a movie who enters the mad scientist's laboratory and finds wonders beyond imagining. It is truly impressive --- and I have been in a few other studios -- including one owned by the son of the world's second richest man -- Warren Buffett."

   ... Brian Riordan, Mill Creek, WA

 “I received the CD of and have listened to it. 

FABULOUS!!! A treat to experience...perfect.

It will be played at the top of the program. 

Ardelle surely is smiling upon you and is so

proud of your work.

   ...Melinda Arbuckle, Garden Grove, CA

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Opus 4 Studios

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425.486.8472 or 206.240.5111

Sicilienne - Paradis

Grace Yoo, violin & Dr. Mike Matesky, cello

for Ardelle Womack

Allegro - Haydn

Chieko Kikuchi - piano

Summertime - Gershwin

Joe Riedi, Dr. Mike Matesky & friends

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“One of my favorite places to be...”

   ...Rachael Beaver, Facebook 1/12/11


You are brilliant -- it is perfect...


  ...Nancy Anderson, 12/23/10

Steve Jobs

1955 - 2011

Thank you