Opus 4 Studios is proud of the fact that our facilities were custom designed and built by nationally known musicians, video artists, recording engineers and a world-renowned acoustical architect. From square one,

our sole purpose has been to create an environment that facilitates artistic expression and the highest quality audio and video production.

The Recording Room

The main recording area at Opus 4

Studios is 37.5'L, 19'W, and 17.5'H.

This spacious room easily accomodates

groups of all sizes up to large choral

ensembles and Mozart-sized orchestras.

High density double-walled construction,

acoustically non-reflective lateral and

controlled-reflectivity vertical surfaces,

a resilient maple floor, a suspended, sound-absorbent 30 ft Riédi ceiling grid, and the installation of LARES (Lexicon Acoustic Reinforcement and Enhancement System) provide artists and engineers unprecedented control over the acoustical characteristics of the recording room. Professional Audio Designs installed the

LARES electronics.

Sound Insulation
The 14" gap between the inner and outer walls is filled with 16,300 lbs of rockwool insulation. Covered only with a light, warm fabric and dustproof cheesecloth, this dense and highly absorptive insulation virtually eliminates acoustic reflections. Coupled with multiple layers of 5/8" sheetrock, this creates an extremely effective barrier from outside sound. Also mounted within the walls on 4" 80 lb. foam isolators are 40 of the 72 LARES-Krix loudspeakers. DO NOT LEAN AGAINST THE WALLS! Thin fabric is all that is between you and 16,300 lbs. of rockwool.

The Lexicon Acoustic Reinforcement and Enhancement System (LARES) allows Opus 4 Studios to manipulate the acoustic characteristics of the recording room to an unprecedented degree. Without applying LARES, there is virtually no sound reflection in the recording room. However, with the press of a button, the room can sound like a spacious domed cathedral, a 2000 seat concert hall, a 300 seat auditorium or an unlimited number of other virtual rooms. You must hear it to believe it! This acoustic flexibility --- unique in the recording studios throughout the United States --- is ideal for live perfomances, musical recording, or foley applications. How it works...

Ceiling Grid and Carriage System
The 10' x 30' ceiling grid with seven 10' carriages, in addition to holding 32 of the 72 LARES loudspeakers, supports two rails that run lengthwise above the recording room. Mounted on these rails are seven rolling carriages which are used to support microphones, lights, cameras, a 9' x 9' projection screen, a projector,

a 10' x 24' blue screen, visual backdrops, and

other audio or video equipment. Built into the ceiling are 12 shielded mic/line input/outputs and 180 amps of shielded AC power in the ceiling alone!

Creature Comforts

While the recording room was designed with function as the highest priority, Opus 4 Studios keeps the client's comfort in mind as well. Temperature and ventilation in the recording room is regulated by one of two extraordinarily quiet, discreet 5-ton HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) units. Each unit is custom designed to maintain a comfortable atmosphere without introducing noise or turbulence, or allowing noise to pass between the recording and control room. Room silence and neutrality has received high praise from University of Washington researchers, PhysioControl personnel and acousticians to professional HVAC design engineers.The recording room features a golden-hued, resilient maple floor, removable vintage theater seats (from the Yakima Allied Arts Center), and a 10' x 4.5' triple-pane picture window through which offers a breathtaking view of five beautifully landscaped acres. A beautiful view to behold as you listen to playback from the cushioned comfort of classic vintage theatre seats. Then, listen back to your 5.1 or 7.1 DVD in a world-standard listening environment with Genelec, Mackie, Altec, LARES, Strayer, Bryston, Benchmark, and other class A pro equipment. According to professional calibrated tests, Opus 4 Studios is significantly more acoustically neutral and quieter than the Seattle Symphony's Benaroya Hall.

Balanced Power
Opus 4 Studios features 167 amperes of state-of-the-art balanced electrical power (60V/60V), the quietest AC power available, throughout our facilities. The Opus 4 balanced power system utilizes a massive 245 lb. 20kVA transformer from Tierney Electric, providers of balanced power transformers for the Seattle Symphony's new Benaroya Hall. Balanced power, along with our classic textbook star grounding system and extremely well-shielded cabling, ensure the electrical system introduces virtually no noise or hum into recordings produced at Opus 4.

The Control Room and Editing Suite

The control room at Opus 4 Studios is 21.5'W x 13'D x 16'H and contains everything you need to record, mix, and master audio, produce and edit video, and effectively direct recording sessions and video productions. The control room is currently being outfitted, tuned and baffled for 5.1 surround sound production. "Mackie HR824 Control Room monitors are used for 5.1 surround sound mixing and playback."

Sound Insulation
While the control room uses double-walled construction similar to that of the recording room, the use of sound insulation differs somewhat. Seven(!) layers of sheetrock as well as 8" of rockwool insulation separate the interior of the control room from the noise of the outside world. Additionally, an absorptive layer of Owens Corning 703 insulation has been hung on the interior of the walls and covered with cloth fabric and dust-proof cheesecloth. Finally, 5.5” of Roxul has been placed on the interior North wall of the Control Room to provide pristine acoustic control for excellent mixes. Of course, this is covered with dustproof cheesecloth and attractive maroon fabric.

Conduits in the 750psi industrial linoleum floor allow us to network all audio and video equipment through the universal patchbay in the southeast corner. Our patchbay makes networking everything in Opus 4 Studios a remarkably simple operation. The XLR microphone patchbay is designed to handle up to 69 microphones and 18 cue/sends simultaneously. Through the patchbay, the engineer can create an extensive signal chain in any configuration desired, consisting of microphones, equalizers, compressors, tape decks, the Control 24, or any other pieces of equipment. The patchbay design also easily accomodates guest outboard equipment---whether individual pieces or a remote truck for engineers preferring the familiarity of their own equipment---using digital wiring. Canare, star-quad and digital wiring is used in Opus 4 Studios.

More Creature Comforts
As in the recording room, temperature and air flow in the control room is regulated by a separate, discreet 5-ton HVAC unit. For the comfort of engineers, editors, and clients alike, the control room features a wall-mounted coat and hat rack, a 3' x 4' triple-pane outside window, cool (and noiseless!) neon music artwork, a "neo-classic" 25" Sony XBR NTSC monitor (with cable TV) and a comfy reclining leather loveseat (Ooh!!) Recline in the leather love seat and both listen and watch your 5.1 or 7.1 DVD in a world-standard listening environment on Genelec, Mackie, or other class A pro equipment. According to professional calibrated tests, Opus 4 Studios is significantly more acoustically neutral and quieter than the Seattle Symphony’s Benaroya Hall.

Opus 4 Music: Excerpt from "Anouman" ... Joe Riedi (Guitar), Mike Matesky (Cello), & Friends

425.486.8472 or 206.240.5111

"Your work is fantastic"

   ... Jeannette Postnikoff, Kenmore, WA

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Dear Dr. Matesky, 

This is Rachel Cho, I'm the clarinetist that performed at the last meeting with the scholarship recipients.

I just wanted to thank you for the whole recording experience. When we got the CD, I was pretty amazed at the quality

and how great I sounded in your recording studio! I've shared the recording with my private teacher and my band teacher

and they both think it's fantastic. Not to mention Dr. Enlow's piano playing...that was really great as well.

I put the recording on my iPod and I listen to it all the time :)

Thank you very much for the great opportunity and the wonderful CD, I treasure it dearly.

Rachel Cho

October  6. 2010

Steve Jobs

1955 - 2011

Thank you


“i love this. maybe even more than the original by mancini. i remember when it came out, i just fell in love w/it. but i like your version better; the way the bass compliments the piano and the snares are great accents! excellent work. i'd love to hear more of the 60's soundtracks done. can't wait for my email alerts saying y'all have posted more. great job! keep it up!”


Opus 4 Studios: Fred Kim, flute - Flute Concerto, Mv't. 1 - Aram Khachaturian:




Opus 4 Studios: Evan Pengra Sult, Flute - Carmen Fantasy (Arr. Francis Borne) by Bizet:

Evan, this is Serena (Kunzler). I am immenseley happy to see you play the flute with such fervor and expression. Chapeau!

...June 22, 2012