Opus 4 Music: Excerpt from "Chocolate" ... Jazz Gitan Américain

Opus 4 Studios


January 4-18, 2010: Dr. Mike attends CES. Some “high performance” speaker and amplifier manufacturers request a “super” demo CD, DVD or files from Opus 4 Studios for the  2011 CES show. Dainius Vaicekonis’ three CD mastering project completed. Kerry duVent new age piano CD tracked. It is currently being mixed. E-Major’s rap CD is being tracked. Voice work for major businesses (Boeing, Microsoft, Costco, T-Mobile, St. Michelle, etc.) continues in the studio.

425.486.8472 or 206.240.5111



Opus 4 Studios
Bothell, WA

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Steve Jobs

1955 - 2011

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