Opus 4 Music: Excerpt from "Chocolate" ... Jazz Gitan Américain

Opus 4 Studios accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards
Swiped credit cards: +3%
Manually entered transactions: +3.5% plus 15¢

Payment by check preferred

Please note: studio time is booked in advance.
Notification of any changes or cancellations must be made prior to 24 hours before a session.
Recording consists of Tracking - Mixing - Mastering - File creation  
Specify File type (i.e. “CD” quality,  24 96 “hi-res”, a specific .mp3 codec)
Audio (only) Recording Rates incl. Opus 4 Studios engineer
Hourly: $80.00 non taxable
Half Day (5 hours) Rate: $350.00 non taxable
Full Day (10 hours) Rate: $600.00 non taxable
Weekly Rate: $2600.00 non taxable
Professionally Labeled CD: $5.00/ea.
Professionally Labeled Gold Archival CD: $5.50/ea.
Professionally Labeled Blu-Ray: $50/1; $75/2; $90/3; $100/4
 For Hi-Res Audio call Opus 4 Studios
Media (CDs, Blu-Rays) is taxable

All Rates effective April 1, 2015

All Opus 4 Studios professional Audio/Video recordings include simultaneous, separate 24 bit/96kHz audio recording with the finest microphones in the world and ProRes422HQ video “shooting” as well as all audio identified above. Additionally, it requires placing audio file into video session, time aligning, and proper level setting. Video included (1) shooting, (2) creating video session, (3) transferring file into video session computer, (4) creating “lower thirds”, (5) creating fades, (6) incl. copyright, (7) rendering, (8) creating either .mp4 or .mov, (9) possibly creating YouTube video (requires includes inputing text), and (10) possibly creating Blu-ray. 

Clearly determine and identify what you need. If you are uncertain, prior to recording session discuss this with studio owner. 

Rule of Thumb: for each hour “tracking” 1.5 - 2 hours is required for all post-production 

Audio/Video Recording Rates
$50.00/hr/video editing
$50.00/hr/audio editing
$50.00/hr/Blu-ray authoring
Multi-camera: $15.00/hr/ea. additional camera 
For special inquiries, requests, quotes and details, please call Opus 4 Studios. 
Special rates available to National Merit Scholars

Telephone contact:
 425.486.8472  or  206.240.5111
e-mail contact:

Opus 4 Studios
Bothell, WAmailto:dr_mike@opus4studios.com?subject=email%20subjectshapeimage_2_link_0


Opus 4 Studios has the reputation of being fanatical about good sound.

Dr. Mike, a professional musician, earned a Doctorate in Musical Arts.

Our clients, many of whom frequently return, appreciate our efficient use of time.

All equipment including microphones is included in the price.

Opus 4 Studios strives to maintain integrity. Sound recording is a blend of technology and art. Our goal is providing excellent recording, blending musicality with superb old and new technology.

Opus 4 Studios is the only dedicated recording studio in the United States with Lexicon’s Acoustical Reverberation and Enhancement System!

Opus 4 Studios  welcome musicians!

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Steve Jobs

1955 - 2011

Thank you

"Mike, thank you for your generosity in giving Bonnie's students your time, expertise, enthusiasm and encouragement. You are the best!"

...Rosemary Sult

June 22, 2012