W. A. Mozart Concerto No. 20 in d minor, K. 466

- Allegro -


the Concerto Performance Competition,

University of Puget Sound School of Music,

21st Annual Piano Festival February 5th, 2011.

Audio and Video Engineering: Dr. Michael Matesky

Ethan, 13, is a 7th grade student

at The Evergreen School.

Ethan’s piano teacher is Diane Williams.

(about this Opus 4 Studios recording:

file size: 463.1MB; audio data rate: 192kbps; dial norm: -27dbFS)

Caren and Ethan Marzban  observing details in Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 20

Caren and Ethan listening to playback in control room at Opus 4 Studios

Caren, Ethan and Dr. Mike, who is comparing room sound

with recorded sound

Ethan and Dr. Mike in the control room at

Opus 4 Studios

All photographs courtesy Kelly Marzban