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Opus 4 Studios
Bothell, WA


Jensina, I love this. Now I can see and hear you play---anytime I want

Beautiful music and performance...

Fabulous job. I love your group combination and your professionalism.

Your duo sound unique. Keep up with the good work.


That was wonderful, thank you Dr. Matesky and Ms. Byington.

gr8 performance!

This is amazing!


I like real sound, those CDs are so fake and too perfect I like this tone on Ibert! I've never heard such beautiful tone playing the Ibert.


your vibrato is so amazing and pure. Its very light and lovely !!!

Beautiful and imaginative playing.


I love it!!


Wow! Thanks so much!

This is fantastic, thank you!

How can you memorize all of that??? Wow!! i love you girl,, you have great skills...


"Hi Mike! Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome playing by Opus 4 (String Quartet) at UW Bothell graduation again this year! I got my master's degree!"

...Debbie Brown, 6/18/2011

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Thank you