Opus 4 Music: Excerpt from "Bats Mez Der " ... Elena Ohanassian, Soprano   


Lexicon Acoustic Reinforcement and Enhancement System.

This state of the art technology enables Opus 4 Studios to be the only dedicated recording studio in the United States with electronic architecture, providing a reverberation time from very little to, theoretically, fifty seconds

(yes, that’s right: an incredible rt60 of 50 seconds!)

Listen to an Opus 4 Studios LARES Demonstration!

425.486.8472 or 206.240.5111

Excerpt from "YES HISHOOM EM"

(Elina Ohanessian, Soprano)

A Demonstration of three Opus 4 Studios LARES rooms

(3 Drum Rooms with Dustin Al-Hakim)


“Bats Mez Der”

Elina Ohanessian, Soprano

(entire song)

"I can't tell you enough how great it felt when your group

started playing “Summertime” out of my mediocre

computer speakers.

It felt like I have live musicians

right in my house.”

   …. David Sarser,

New York, NY

(1st Violinist NBC Symphony with

Arturo Toscanini. Quintessential audio engineer and studio designer)

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